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Best wheels for BRZ/86

Started by dhoeze, May 31, 2013, 03:04:08 AM

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In your opinion, what is the best wheels for BRZ/86? Offset? Tire size?
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Leo C.

really depends on one's personal taste....




Volk Racing G25s seem to be a popular choice as well.


Thanks sirs...

Wow...! just saw my top 3 choices here in your responses.... haaay... that made it harder.... hahaha...

saw staggered sizes of these 3 (te, watanabes, g25), what are the sizes your recommend? 8.5 and 9.5?
what is the recommended size for the tires sir? (assuming size 18s)...
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personally i'd stay away from staggered wheels. having wider tires at the rear will just introduce understeer. unless you have massive (as in MASSIVE) power to justify having wider tires at the back. just my 2 cents.

Leo C.

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for the watanabe or RKR... any idea if the staggered will look ok with 86 even if stock fenders? meaning not like those bunnies i saw in the show with wide fenders..

Looking at this specs...

Front Mags: 18x8.5 +44
Rear Mags: 18x9.5 +38

Tires: 225/40 front, 255/35  rear..

Your thoughts sir.

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