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Car Wash using "Dishwashing Liquid"

Started by Dunhill Capule, March 31, 2014, 02:55:58 am

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Nabasa ko dito Autoindustriya :

Water marks really gives you headache specially when your car is black. The first thing I would do is give the car a good washing, using clean water with a few drops of ordinary liquid dish detergent like Joy its really effective and affordable and apply wax for best result.


Quote from: Dunhill Capule on March 31, 2014, 02:55:58 am

I'm a newbie here, there are some I know that uses "dishwashing liquid" like Joy. I've used it once in my car and found out from a mall hardware store attendant that it is not recommended to use it because they can strip the gloss or shine of your car in time? true?Can you recommended an economical car wash liquid or shampoo?
Thanks in advance and I will appreciate any comments.

It depends on what do you want to accomplish. To clean heavy dirt off the car or removing wax, dish soap is great. If just trying to remove dust or want to retain the wax. Just flush it with water then wipe it with a non abrasive towel with spray wax and finish it with dry soft towel.


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