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Help! Toyota Corolla 1981 Liftback

Started by kmlico, August 11, 2014, 10:46:00 am

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I have an identical car in the photo above, but I have it in black. The car is too old and the paint already faded. I need your help guys in desgning this car. Well I still want the paint too be still black. I just started showing interest for cars so please pardon my terms.

Here are my thoughts:
-Paint it in Matte Black
-16 or 17? inch black rim
-Dark/black tint
-Angel Eyes HID w/ black tint
-Tail-light w/ black tint
-Remove the rubber bumper, front and back
-Racing Seats

Ive been talking to my friends for their opinions and I'd like your opinions guys and gals, especially for the car fanatics. I really need your opinions because it matters. It can really help me and enlighten me with ideas i never thought of. I prefer not to add body kits just to retain its classic and simple look. Thanks! Have a great day!


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