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Alex Restoration or Autobots

Started by [email protected], January 01, 2015, 03:31:11 pm

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[email protected]


I'm planning to have my AE92 corolla restored. My main priority now is to have the entire body repaired including the inside of the engine bay. Also the engine won't start now and the mechanic that tried fixing it said that the carburetor had to be replaced. I don't want to try my luck again as I just bought new Motolite battery and I'm afraid that they would deplete my battery trying to fix the engine issue

A tinsmith/latero is needed. If strip to metal is necessary then so be it. Then the engine must also be fixed.

Airconditioning is the least of my priorities now as I work at night but it will follow very soon after the general body and engine repair had been done.

Any ideas on how much it would cost for Alex and Autobots?

[email protected]


200k might come short if you'll insist on the big-named shops.

[email protected]

thank you for the reply sir rt140se

Well, that's just the budget. If someone can provide a good car restoration shop that is more cost effective then I'd be happy to take my car there as I want to save money too.

All I want now is too have the car running again and the body repairs to be done. It does not need much body repair or that's what I believe because I did check the underchassis of the car and I only saw a little portion that has rust. It's still in its original paint.

Will someone point me to the repair/restoration shop around Lagro/Tungko.

Thanks in advance


Swap in a new engine. That'd be cheaper and faster. Spend on a paint job from a reliable shop rather than a show shop because of your budget constraint. You'll be spending a lot more on parts that you'll need here and there.

But have it assessed first. If it is in totally bad shape, best to buy a younger car. Unless of course, there's sentimental value to the car.

[email protected]


Thank you for the response Mr. Brent. I've thought of just getting a much newer model too.

I'd really like to save money, it's just finding reliable/reputable repair shop here in Tungko/Lagro is hard to find.


Any latero worth his salt can do the job.  Kailangan lang bantayan and mandohan.


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