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planning to buy 2nd hand car toyota for my family first ever car so please help

Started by kikorats, May 21, 2015, 04:30:35 PM

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So which model did you actually get? For me I would probably go for a Corolla Altis at that price. Much better comfort than body on frame vehicles like the Innova or Avanza, and plenty of legroom in the rear seat. Also compared to the Innova, a 300K budget will get you into a more fresh unit.

Of course a sedan is not as practical as an AUV or MPV, but a Corolla is still big and practical enough to serve as transportation for a family of 5. I would also pick the Corolla over the same period Vios, as for just a little bit extra money you get 300 cc more to play with and much better legroom in the rear seat.


Sir kung ndi k pa nakakabili, i would suggest that u get a crv 2006 and below. You can seat 7people for a 2.0 engine. Ndi k mabibitinnsa hatak and rides comfortably.


Quote from: Josemarigamboa on May 06, 2016, 10:38:50 AM
There's a new fortuner model so i think the price of the old one would really be cheaper. Plus if it is a family use car, the fortuner has a lot of space for both passengers and luggage.

His budget was 300k. Can you please find me a Fortuner for that price? It must be in running condition, no flooding, no major accident and no assume balance.