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Kelangan ba i pa change color sa LTO ito?

Started by jdmlibero, July 16, 2015, 02:37:10 AM

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I have a Mit Lancer
sa registro ang color nito ay Manhattan Grey which sa mga Mitsu cars halos black na sya.

I'm planning to repaint the car to charcoal/ titanium or silver grey. My question is does it need to be declared sa registration?
or since it is still grey hindi na kelangan?

Appreciate the comments


i don't think so. post the 2 different colors so we can judge properly.


Hi guys! Need your help din po. I have Alabaster Silver indicated in my OR for my Jazz and just had it color changed to Metallic Grey. Nasa family of silver pa rin naman siya technically. Do I need to process it pa sa LTO?


If same color family naman, not necessary