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How to negotiate when buying a new car

Started by JimUriarte, July 18, 2015, 12:17:21 AM

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Buy top gear mag. There's a monthly section on buying and choosing the right car. Sometimes tidbits on how to negotiate among the different dealerships

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You need lots of patience. When I bought my Altis a few months ago, I looked at different dealers. told the sales agent straight away that I knew what i wanted and I was just looking for the best deal. I asked him for the best price he could give and that if I found his offer to be the best I would get from him. I did find a better deal from another dealer but since it was inmarikina and I live in paranaque, I gave the first dealer a chance to match or beat the deal. I told them I was willing to do away with the tint seat cover in exchange for a cash discount which they did give (less php 5'000). When I did get the car they still included the tint and seat cover. Btw, I ended up visiting 7 dealers,  but the first one was the best deal.

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