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What car?

Started by achilles01, January 12, 2016, 06:44:46 am

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Hello bosses!!! :)

Any reviews sa cars below regarding gas consumption, parts, reliability, durability etc. ... I am planning to buy this week and i need your help guys... :) my budget is around 100k to 130k... pang daily use lang pamasok sa office, na pwede pang tumagal atleast mga 5 more years.. salamat

1. Honda Esi 95
2. Lancer Pizza Pie
3. Toyota Lovelife
4. Nissan Exalta


If you're considering parts and durability, the Lancer and Corolla would be your top choices.


May 02, 2016, 10:50:25 am #2 Last Edit: May 02, 2016, 10:53:15 am by fundiver198
With any 1990`s sedan you can expect significant expenses for fixing all the things, that will go wrong with it. This is because these vehicles are simple old now. And car parts are not build to last forever. I know this, because I own one myself.

For this reason I will suggest you and anyone else with a 100-150k budget to do something different:

Go to the repo warehouse of PSB bank or another major bank and find a suitable 2-3 year old subcompact sedan like a Vios, Rio, Accect or Almera. These will be offered at prices ranges from approximately 300-450k depending on model, age, mileage and condition.

Then apply for bank financing, when you make your offer to buy the vehicle. With a 20% downpayment, you spend only 60-90k up front.

You will then have to pay monthly installments to the bank for say 3-4 years. But in return, you will have very minimal expenses for maintenence. It will mostly be litimed to changing oil, other fluids, tires and break bads.

And even if you pay a bit more, its a good long term investment. Because when you have paid the last installment, you own a car, which still has residual value for resale or can be used by yourself for many more years to come.

Best of all you will be driving a vehicle, which actually work as intended, and you wont need to become a self educated mechanic to troubleshoot all the things, which go wrong with a 15-20 year old economy car.


To TS, i would suggest with that budget to buy a car to someone you know already (neighbor, friend).

Old cars are more prone to problems, but with proper and regular maintenance it can be your daily car.

In my opinion, i dont agree to get a 2nd hand and pay the remaining to financing, it doesnt mean that newer cars doesnt have problems. And if there will be a problem you'll also be paying for the maintenance and the monthly amort!

What u could do is join these car clubs in facebook and do a research. Once u have chosen the car that u like, be ready to have some money for maintenance. Dont use it daily right away. Observe it first. Drive it only during weekends. If u have reached 5k km and no problem then u can use it for ur daily drive.


May 03, 2016, 06:57:39 am #4 Last Edit: May 03, 2016, 07:11:22 am by fundiver198
Old cars can surely be used for daily driving, I do that myself with a 1998 Corolla, which has 160.000 km on the odo. The problem is, that even if you maintain it regularly, every time you have fixed something, its never more than a few month at best, before something else has gone wrong. So its endless, and the irritation as well as expenses just keep piling up.

And while newer cars also need maintenence, it was not like that, when the Corolla was 6 or even 12 years old. The point is, there comes a time in every cars life, where the total expense of running it actually goes up rather than down, when you factor in both depreciation and maintenence. And for obvious reasons you dont wont to buy something, which is already past that point.

Its false economy to run very old cars, because in the long run you end up paying more for less. And to many people in the Philippines fall into this trap, because they want to pay their car in cash and have only saved up 100-150k.

If you really dont want to get financing, then you should continue to use public transport, until you have saved up at least 250k, so that you can buy a much more fresh unit, which still has life left in it.


Quote from: akosidab on May 02, 2016, 05:19:12 pm
To TS, i would suggest with that budget to buy a car to someone you know already (neighbor, friend).

Most private sellers are very unrealistic about the value of their car, when they start to advertise it, so preferably you should buy from someone, who is going to migrate and therefore really need to sell their car.

As an example a friend of my wife was going to migrate and needed to sell her 3 year old Kia Picanto 1,0 AT. She offered it to my wife, but we did not have money to purchase it. Her first price was 420K, and based on prices of similar repo cars I told my wife, that she would probably have a hard time getting more than 320k for it. And that was actually more or less the price, she ended up selling it for.

This would have been a good buy, had we had the money, because unlike a similar repo car, we would have been able to test drive it before buying, and we also had some idea, that she had taken proper care of it.

So there ARE good deals to be had in the 2. hand market. But as this example show, you generally need to be able to invest something like 320k to get them, not just only 120k.


Quote from: fundiver198 on May 03, 2016, 07:45:06 am
Most private sellers are very unrealistic about the value of their car, when they start to advertise it, so preferably you should buy from someone, who is going to migrate and therefore really need to sell their car.

Let's give it a benefit of the doubt of course. The reason they sell it privately is that of course, it's more like a given as to whom it is due. Ikaw ba magbebenta ka ng kotse na mas mababa sa value ng sa tingin mo? Syempre dun papasok yung 'yung tama lang para sakin' -- which is lahat ng ganon when it comes to advertising, may tubo kahit papano -- kasi mawawala din yung purpose ng pagbebenta. Pero ang uso talaga dito is trade-ups more likely.

As for the topic, it was already mentioned above. Durability and maintenance are something. It'll hurt in the long run, it'll always be. I'd go for Corolla.


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