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Buying 2nd Hand Ford Everest

Started by bukayo01, May 20, 2016, 02:29:48 PM

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Mga Sir/Madam

Planning na po ako on buying my 1st family car at I'm more inclined on getting a ford everest 2011 up to 2013 model na manual. Need  your inputs on what to watch out plus kung ok sya na i keep for long time. Thanks


* Tampered odometer
* Signs the car was flooded
* Signs the car was in a major accident
* Outstanding loans in the car

These are the major things to look out for when buying any 2. hand car. Besides that, you need to make a test drive to see, if engine, transmission, steering and brakes are all working as designed.

None of this is specific to a Ford Everest, but its all much more important than any model specific weaknesses, that this particular model might have.

By the way the same sort of money will also buy you a Mitsubishi Montero Sport GLX, which is reportedly a significantly more comfortable and refined vehicle. So if you have not done it already, you might want to take a test drive in both.


Thank you sir for the advice, by the way how will I know if the odometer is tampered. I'm not used to this kasi dati di naman digital so its easy to know kung inikot yung sa odometer. Also di ba mas malakas makina ng everest sa glx na montero since naka vgt na yung sa everest? Thanks sir


A mechanic can detect signs, an odometer was opened and thereby possibly tampered with. The other option is to buy a vehicle with a service history. The casa will note the mileage of the car as well as the date, every time they do some work. So even if the car was visiting the casa just only sometimes, the numbers should of course add up. If a car had done 125.000 km, when it was serviced in 2014, it can not suddenly only have done 60.000 km now. The final option is to observe the general condition of the car particularly the interior to check, if it match the mileage.

And needless to say this is something, which is especially important, if you pay extra for a unit, which is supposedly low mileage for its age. Its quite credible that a unit registered first time in 2014 has done only 55.000 km, since this means driving 27.500 km pr. year, which is already a lot. However if a unit sold first time in 2004 has reportedly also done just 55.000 km, thats when you need to see some actual proof, that this number is true.

Back in 2004 I looked at cars from a number of Cebu used car dealers. The only place I found anything with more than 50.000 km on the odometer, was at an importer of used cars from korea. Everything else offered for sale in Cebu had reportedly done less. This was so obvious, that it smelled very fishy indeed. And I ended up buying a unit from a private seller instead, which had a realistic reported mileage of 70.000 km for its age of 6 years, and a fair price.


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