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I just need a little help here guys about my 3" inlet muffler.

Started by Chupstogo, March 20, 2017, 06:33:37 AM

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Hello i have my R18 civic FD and i just need some advice regarding my muffler pipe. here is my nub setup

-air intake SRI
-Headers (weapon R copy)
-downpipe 2"
-midpipe 2" with 12" resonator
-Exhaust/Muffler pipe 2"
-3"inlet Ganador

Now my question is, is it okay if i change my exhaust/muffler pipe to 3" so my muffler would sound perfectly? will i loss alot of power?.
Any feedback will be appreciated. thank you so much!


3-inch inline is ridiculously big for your set-up. That's usually recommended for turbocharged engines. You'd probably get better performance with the stock muffler.

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