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Your car: Then and Now

Started by Brent, May 04, 2020, 04:53:59 PM

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What were you driving when you last posted here? What are you driving now?

Then: Civic

Now: Ranger

Why: Needed something that I can load stuff in for work. Ride height for floods.


Then: Mazda3

Now: IS300

Why: Fickle palate. Everything sandwiched between the two stated was a circus.  :'(


Then: Lancer GTi

Now: Civic

Now Now: Wala na. Hahaha! :lol:

Why: Because gift from the parentals. And then nag-Sharon Cuneta na :(


Then: Civic
Now: Civic

On a side note this forum is kinda dead. I wanna help revive it

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