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Suggestion for 2nd hand car???

Started by skye_sago, September 13, 2021, 08:35:30 PM

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Glad I found this sub. I am planning to buy 2nd hand car, first time car owner. Budget is 300k-400k. Ano ung masuggest nyo na sulit sa price? Preference sana;

Bibihira ko lang to gagamitin (not daily use) since number 1 mode of transportation ko is motorcyle nung wala pa pandemic then WFH ako since last year.

Reason kaya ako bibili is pag need umalis with my family (wifi and 1 kid)

Since bibihra ko sya gagamitin. ano ung make and model na suggest nyo na madali maintenance.

Kahit siguro malakas sa gas OK lang ako basta solid ung auto ( ung tatagal at hindi sirain) since hindi ko nman sya magagamit lage. Pang emergency or pag pamilya lang. TIA