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Things to bring for the Jan 26 Ride (Jungle Base)

Started by Wolverine, January 15, 2003, 02:18:55 pm

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January 15, 2003, 02:18:55 pm Last Edit: January 16, 2003, 04:35:21 am by FReeMaN

In the interest of making sure that everybody is adequately equipped for this trail ride, I thought i'd mention a few things I'm sure you guys are familiar with and thought of bringing.  I just want to make sure that I cover all bases.

1.- enough water to drink throughout the day (It's easy to suffer from dehydration when you're having fun)

2.- light snacks to keep the hunger at bay while you're driving or riding. (keep it easy to handle so your hands can still negotiate the obstacles  hehe)

3.- Lunch meals or Sandwiches (Freeman plans on doing this Potluck so you guys decide how you want to do this.  The meals should be cooked already so that we dont spend too much time preparing food.  There's so much to see)

4.-A cooler to put the stuff in so it doesnt spoil.

5. A towel and extra shirts and shorts just in case. (you'll need this when you start to get muddy or sweaty or decide to bathe in the river)

6.  A first aid kit if you have one (one of us will likely have this anyway)

7. - Water jug with water to wash hands (soap too)


1. - tow straps or rope ( someone  will likely have these but it's always good to have these for your future rides)

2.- basic tools for your vehicle and maybe specific parts for your vehicle (i.e. fuses, plugs etc)  Wont be too critical now because this is a short trip

3. -Spare tire filled with air (you'll be surprised some dont check)

4. Tire chains (if you have them) probably wont need them this time but good for future use


1. A vehicle in Good running condition

2.  Your wonderful personality and friendship

3.  Your ingenuity on how to solve our problems and that of world peace! hehehe

4. A childlike disposition of wonder and curiosity.

Enuff said....Happy Trails!!
Everything we do on earth leaves a track....May they be one's we'd


i am coming from malabon,
5:30-5:45 at shell st. ignatius, is fine with me.

Q: u mentiond about the bungee cord for the tire chains....is this like the one we are using in bikes " to strap things in place in the cargo rack"?
any other alternatives? how about the g.i. wire that are being used to tie steel bars?



Those are the bungee cords I am pertaining to.  There are usually 16 inch or 24 inch cords sold in bike shops.  I find it easier to install and remove these cords rather than wire.  Not to mention the added risk of puncturing your  own tire if the wire end should point the wrong way.

the driver


 You completely forgot an equally important... the BEER !

 We need to reward ourselves a couple of can after a successful trail.... straight from the ice filled cooler of rookie..... don't worry rookie I'll bring several packs.
" Each day we either get better or worse.
                 The choice is OURS ! "



Just a reminder, it'll be a long drive back to Laguna for you, and, we got work the following day!

Maybe Doc can give us a med certificate!


We can enjoy chilled beers in the relaxing atmosphere of the Sierra Madre Hotel.


Maybe Doc can give us a med certificate!

hahaha! :cwm2: rookie-- mukhang dati mo nang gawa yan !  
Ill bring  a box or two of lipovitan for the long drive back and for whatever you guys have to do when you get home. ;)



You better be around this time. Never can tell when senior citizens may need anything!


Quote from: FReeMaN on January 18, 2003, 08:52:42 am
We can enjoy chilled beers in the relaxing atmosphere of the Sierra Madre Hotel.

Too bad that I won't be there.  I like hanging out at the Sierra Madre Hotel.  At this time of year, the weather should be beautiful.


Evenings are pretty chilly right now in Manila. Can imagine what it would be like in the Sampaloc, Tanay area.

Don't worry JohnQ will offer toasts in your behalf!

Wolf Den

FYI, its cold enough up there that you have to wear a sweater under a coold weather wind breaker Brrrrrrr......... See you guys up there Ill be right beside Jungle Base at Camp Scout Gubat hehehe....

the driver


 No Problem.....I have 78 days Sick Leave.... accumulated over the years..... using a couple of them would be a problem....of course with DOC's certification made in Tanay.....will definitely help a lot.....credibility wise.


 Bring your Rx pads....



RVT, those accumulated 78 days will be consumed faster than you think! With you hooked and all!

Doc, better bring a whole pad.

the driver


With your Rx pad and some medicines ( sample only ) will increase the credibility of Rookie's OFFroading sickness...equivalent to Monday's sickness.... ha ha ha ha ha ha


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