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Bilstein Shocks

Started by WaZ, January 18, 2003, 07:59:47 am

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Jan. 22, 2003 ( UTC -8 )

Quote from: nikko_m on January 18, 2003, 09:57:49 am
we have bilsteins in our LC80 with dobbinsons springs,no regret,ganda ng ride.kahit mga humps bali wala..hehe..

we also have rachos in our other rides,un kce uso before eh,but i really like the riding comfort if the bilsteins.the best talaga.ranchos kce medyo matagtag eh,but for off roading,medyo ok ang rachos with leafsprings.(lalo na kung puno yun car,hindi babagsak yun likod)plus adjustable pa.

Nikko_m, thanks for your posting about the ride quality of the Dobinsons coil spring + Bilstein shock absorber combo. I've been thinking about trying the Bilstein 5100 shock absorbers and matching it with Old Man Emu springs. The only issue I see is that the Bilstein 5100 comes only is stock height, so may not fit my lifted SUV.
I've always been wary about mix and matching different suspension brands, as this affects driver+passenger experience and handling and vehicle capabilities. In my experiments, mixing soft spring rates (e.g. stock coils or torsion bars) with high rebound rate shocks (e.g. aftermarket shocks) produces a very jarring ride on- and off-road. Kaya, I tend to stick with a single brand for the whole set.
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I"ve replaced my stock shocks on my ford sport trac last November. To be quite honest, I found only a slight improvement on comfort and handling while driving on the boring and safe streets of Metro Manila. But....and thats a big BUT,  I found that my bilsteins really delivered its promise on handling and comfort while travelling the rough roads but exciting path to Baler, Aurora last December.   :D



You didn't join us in Tanay! We could have tested those shocks there!

the driver


 If you happen to pass south express way.... try the middle lane......its like baler.... that is from susanna hts. to southwoods exit.... this is where I practice my OME shocks whenever I missed rough road driving....90 - 100 kph lang..... maybe your bilstein also... he he he he he

 Missed your post man..... hope to hear from you much more in the thread....Regards to Banjo...
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