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Alpine CDA-7894 or Pioneer 7450MP

Started by lancer765, January 19, 2003, 10:26:56 PM

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Hey everyone!

i was wondering which of the two head units would you go for? both are mp3 players and i was wondering what would you prefer and why?

and kung saan meron nito and how much.... thanks! im planning to change my stock hu kasi.... thanks!


dude yung 7450 around 13000 ok yun pare


alpine 7894 shempre! try mo sa perfect circle, sila distributor ng alpine. mga 21k ang price.

yung 7450 naman, halos lahat ng car audio shops nagbebenta niyan. 13k+ ang price.
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If you are serious about sound quality then it is no contest, CDA 7894.

If you are primarily going to play just mp3s then you are better off with the 7450.


Choose whatever matches your needs and what blends well with the install.  I'd choose the 7894 because it has 4 volt preouts, that's it.  I can't truly comment on how it sounds because I haven't heard of it yet.  For the price, the pioneer is good.  If money is no object, get the 7894.  SQ is subjective.  Trust your ears.

Goodluck! :)


what does having a 4v preout mean? hehe sorry di ko alam eh..

all i have is stock hu, front and rear speakers so malamang papalitan ko lahat yun... hu siguro pioneer nalang since budget is a primary concern.... im getting seps na boston rally 240watts.... galing sa car ng uncle ko... do i still need an amp? 6x9 baka next time na lng... or baka hu then 6x9 ang bilhin ko since higpit nga sa budget....


from what i understand, having a 4V Hu mated to a 4V capable amp, a cleaner signal (read: a signal less prone to distortion and noise) is created. thus the output is, you guessed it, cleaner.

please correct me if i'm wrong.
If I were you, I'd look at myself in the mirror and ask, "Now what can I add to my system today?"


Alpine definitely .... wag na lang natin pagusapan yung how fast a mp3 file can be loaded between the two .... or the tons of features that they added into it. The fact to the matter is mas maganda talaga output niya ... well blended ... parang nescafe instant at maxwell brewed coffee yan eh .... o coke vs pepsi ....

Dapat kahit zero setting kasi mga bass/treble/equalizer/loudness ng receiver sharp, crisp, clear, and accurate ang output. That's where alpine will stand out over pioneer.

Di ako bias ah ... pioneer 7450 ako eh .... objective lang ako kasi nakarinig na ako ng alpine ... you really wont regret it


pag marami kang "cling cling" go for the alpine, otherwise, the pioneer is a good choice. yun 4V na preout won't really matter kapag simple lang set-up mo or if u settle more on mp3s, as well as kng wala naman mashadong noise yun system mo, it might not make an audible difference to most.

but my vote goes with the alpine.
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My opinion:

For me I'd get the Pio 7450 MP3 not for it's MP3 function, but you could control how your system sounds better than the Alpine. Again, this is my opinion only. why?

1.) For me , mas OK ang crossover points ng Pio than Alpine.
2.) Has user presets, midrange controls, parametric EQ (although meron din ata ang Alpine, it just happened na mas OK for me ang mga center frequencies of the Pio).
3.) Cool OEL graphics ;D

But either way you won't go wrong, just as Andrew said basta may "cling-cling" ka hehehe.


"cling-cling" ok wag lang "kuliling"... :D
If I were you, I'd look at myself in the mirror and ask, "Now what can I add to my system today?"


Quote from: HaVoC on January 21, 2003, 03:46:17 PM
"cling-cling" ok wag lang "kuliling"... :D


Dapat pala sinulat ko maraming "cling-cling" ;D ;D



i think you should go for the alpine...ipon ka nalang even thogh medyo mahal...

i'd go for the alpine...para next time you can lipat it sa ibang cars mo...good hu are an investment  :o
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go for the alpine, It has time correction and 27W RMS X 4 channels. Great sounding HU .

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