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What SoftWare do You Use foR RipPing?

Started by WaZ, June 26, 2003, 11:46:52 PM

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Quote from: WaZ on June 26, 2003, 11:46:52 PM
what software are you using for ripping only ,
for converting music from audio cd to mp3s?

iam using audio catalyst before but when i switch to winxp the program didn't work na :)

what software can you guys suggest ty  :)


for mp3 - itunes
DVD to ipod video - DVD decypter, Red Kawa video ipod converter



try getting a newer version of your favorite audio file converter at CD-ROM Mania located @ Mayon Street, Quezon City near Philippine National Police Precint 1. Pero ako i usually download nalng than convert. Except nlang s mga old songs i just always keep several copies of them still in wave format para kpag bugbog n yung discs eh nakabackup s harddisk or duplicated cds or dvds ko.


nero 6
roxio 10