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Latest cd you bought?

Started by walhalla, August 28, 2003, 10:43:05 PM

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Ministry Of Sound 2007 US Ed.

I never thought Paris Hilton's Stars are Blind could ever sound good until the mix in this album showed me it can :)


the best of audiophile voices volume 1-4 ;)


Two ned CD's

Stereo Sushi 10
Ever since Ministry of Sound bought out Hed Kandi, their releases have been hit or miss. At least this one's a hit :) They finally realized that the old Stereo Sushi formula works best compared to the ones they did with 8 and 9 :)

Ministry of Sound Annual 2007: UK Edition
Best to get the best beats from the continent where where elecrtonic music is at its best ;D


A classic CD great for groovin and dating.

FTV Beach Essentials 2003. Old but great songs.
Fierce Angel 2007 - unmixed
30 pcs of Imation CDRs at CDR king (need them for my gigs)


jeff buckley-best of
hooverphonics -singles



www.mymitsuph.com - everything mitsu.


Joe Satriani - Surfing with the Alien *Remastered.
Long live Rock and Roll.

< jao >

Hed Kandi Beach House 2007

Same flavor, very cool music!
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iasca official sq reference cd.  ;D



Fierce Angel presents: A Little Fierce 2007 :)

This 1 CD mix is proof that Mark Doyle (former owner of Hed Kandi) is still one of the best compilers of music :D !


Seems like everyone's just dowloading their music nowadays...  ;D


Maybe we should just change the title of the topic then ;D

I'm guilty as charged, too ;D


Quote from: R-A-Y on January 22, 2008, 10:26:24 PM
Maybe we should just change the title of the topic then ;D

I'm guilty as charged, too ;D
yeah me too O0..

what titles have you downloaded lately?? :violent5:
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