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Started by clyde, October 21, 2003, 12:24:12 PM

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Accord GTR

Before when I used to have a Camaro V8, I'd say I needed some good, heavy duty tools but with Honda's where the torque ranges aren't that strong anyway, I'm not brand conscious on tools; just get the ones on sale that look and feel good and they're adequate enough.  Those nice Taiwan all-in-one sets make a great starter set.  Just get a nice big toolbox and start accumulating all the different tools you need.  Buy only if there's a sale.  Mechanics are pretty cheap in the Phil so personal tools are just really for small DIY jobs or back-up.  

What you can't scrimp on is your tire gauge...get the big bulky ones the racers use as the cheap ones aren't all that accurate and consistent.  You also need a good solid torque wrench and long socket to torque your wheels every now and then.  Make sure you loosen the torque wrench while in storage or you'll affect its accuracy.  I also use a laser pyrometer to check tire temperature or brake rotor temp.  Got a cheap one for P2k that works well.  For track use, I'd rather bring a 2-ton jack than use the factory jack.  For a race weekend, I'll back that up with a full-size all-aluminum hydraulic jack and jack stands.  

If you're not a professional mechanic, better to save getting a good price on tools and use the savings to develop your car some more  :)

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Quote from: kontrabulate on November 03, 2005, 06:02:38 AM
Comment lang, 3/4 inch drive is way too big for use on cars. I say 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" drive sockets are essential.

my bad,  :( thanks for the correction  ;)


so far Im satisfied with my set of Buffalo tools - not too expensive but of very good quality.


I have a mixture of Boker and Rahsol tools. I believe both are Made in Germany.
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Draper is really good. I've visited TruValue Rockwell yesturday. In response to a post, they are not offering any warranty for tools, just for electric and gas equipment.
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Quote from: NSR-3 on January 26, 2004, 09:47:14 AM
If there is a brand that would come close or even perform as good as SnapOn it would be CRAFTSMAN... ;)

Good quality backed up by Lifetime Warranty plus way way affordable prices compared to SnapOn is a deal very hard to resist  ;D

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(usually that is) ;)

Pinoy...KYK  ;D

Snap-On is actually USDM ;) -KBR


ok, since that I've been a mechanic for about 8 1/2 years now, I have accumulated about $3,000 worth of tools. not to mention that I used to have a MATCO Pro-formance tool box that costs $6,500. but that box is too big and too much, I ended up selling it. anywayz, most of my basic hand & pneumatic tools are from Craftsman & Harbor Freight. which, of course costs less than a Snap-On or a MATCO. but it helps you do the work. pero, when it comes to "specialty tools" then I go and buy Snap-On or MATCO, and I do have a lot of special tools and am still on the point of getting more! shiet, being a mechanic is expesive too you know, since you gotta keep up with technology. my scanner for OBD1-2 and CAN costs only $180, pero I might get another one that has more features and technology and it costs $2,000. so basically, buying tools is an investment and it does never end!
but if I ever open up a shop there in the Philippines, I'll have to ship my old tools and some new ones. but I'll still keep some new tools here in the US. and from what Ive heard, its kinda hard or expensive to buy tools in the PI. its that true? anywayz, yun lang... hehe. peace! ;D -KBR


damn.. $3,000 worth of hand tools palang yon. hindi pa kasama yung Craftsman air compressor, jack, stands, engine support bar, tranny jack, engine stand, drills, etc... shiet! ayoko na malaman ang presyo  ;D hahaha! -KBR


Please edit your posts instead of continually adding new posts shortly after your last one.


ey mayn, are ya talking to me?? well my bad  ???.. I'll edit my posts if I have to next time, aite. peace! -KBR


can anybody tell me where i can buy a torx screwdriver set?


Quote from: kolokoy on April 06, 2006, 02:15:38 PM
can anybody tell me where i can buy a torx screwdriver set?
at your local hardware store...


torx may not be available in all hardware stores. panda along araneta should have it pati mga y2k tool stores.
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308 P. Guevarra corner Seaview St San Juan


mahal talaga tools kaya ako basic tool set lang eh.... btw migs saan yung y2k tool stores?


butch11a, whatttt???!!!!! ikaw basic tool set lang?!! hahahaha! guys, you should see the number of air tools butch has! you'll probably faint. hehehe!

anyway, it's near our shop now pwede kita samahan. pero i think it's still better to buy in Panda. it's along araneta avenue and they're pretty complete  ;D
Migs - 09175347636
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308 P. Guevarra corner Seaview St San Juan