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Author Topic: How not to drive your EVO  (Read 7052 times)

Offline 3M TA3

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  • If you cant drive with 90hp, 900hp wont help you.
Re:How not to drive your EVO
« Reply #30 on: August 01, 2003, 12:53:39 AM »
30Jul2003 (UTC -7)

Stop! STOP! Please Stop!!! You guys are cracking me up! I can't stop laughing, but I'm still in the office.  ;D ;D

I got a Japanese import, does that make me a rice rocket too?  ;) Peace, I'm getting off-topic here...

youre definitely calrose and not nishiki in my book simply because you know the difference between a 1/4" and a 3/8" ratchet plus you know how to weld.... ;D. now, if you do the "D" thing with you cruiser(s), thats an entirely different story.
"Run what you brung & hope you've brung enough!"
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Offline Paul

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Re:How not to drive your EVO
« Reply #31 on: August 18, 2003, 02:30:20 AM »
formula 1 cars drift too but it's not like the one you guys saw in the video. watch every hot lap from kimi or schumy or monty. they do this on a slow corner (hairpin of nurburgring) or a tight one (turn one of the a1-ring). what they do is brake late then make a late apex, then will use the throttle to induce a slight attitude at te back end. thus they apply power going into the apex and full throttle at the exit. no time lost, more time gained. fast in, fast out.

to understand drifting, and it's logic here's a link.
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