Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) continues to deliver more of its modern PUVs to the public. After turning over several units of their PUVs to transport groups in Iloilo, Boracay, and in Tarlac, IPC has turned over 15 examples of their modern PUVs to Metro Comet Transport Cooperative (MCTC).

In attendance during the turnover ceremony were key figures from IPC, MCTC, and from the local government of Rizal. These included IPC executive vice president Shojiro Sakoda, IPC Sales Division Head Joseph Bautista, MTC Chairman Ed Comia, and local government officials of Rizal.

The 15 modern PUVs will replace the current UV Express fleet that ply from Rodriguez, Rizal to Cubao, Quezon City daily. According to Bautista, their PUVs are more spacious, more convenient, and are safer for commuters to ride in.

15 new modern PUVs from Isuzu to ply Rodriguez, Rizal – Cubao route image

“Our modernized PUVs using the QKR 77 truck platform with body designed and built by Almazora can accommodate 23 seated passengers, with each seated passenger enjoying 400mm of width allowance, legroom of 650mm, and standing height of 1.75 meters. Commuters can now travel comfortably with enough legroom, headroom, and seat space,” said Bautista.

Aside from having those features, the modern PUVs also come with the following: automatic fare collection via tap cards, GPS tracking system, CCTV cameras for added security, and Wi-Fi connection for passengers to use.

Powering all of the PUVs is a 3.0-liter, Euro 4 compliant 4JH1-TC turbo-diesel engine. It puts out 106 PS along with 230 Nm of torque. Power is then sent to a five-speed manual transmission. To keep the passengers safe, each PUV has a speed limiter that prevents the driver from exceeding 60 km/h.

15 new modern PUVs from Isuzu to ply Rodriguez, Rizal – Cubao route image

“Isuzu commits itself in providing functional and innovative transport systems not only for the welfare of Filipino businesses and families, but also for a greener and safer environment. Today, we are very proud to say that Isuzu not only achieved another milestone but also continued its legacy by having these Isuzu PUVs to run the public roads under the government’s PUV Modernization Program,” said Sakoda.

Isuzu is hopeful that other transport cooperatives make the switch to modern PUVs in order for the riding public to have a safer and cleaner journey every day.