New Hino 300 Series gets the tech and safety features it deserves

There are several features in modern cars that we take for granted. Some of these include touchscreens, airbags, and even anti-lock brakes. Even automatic transmissions are available in entry-level cars these days. However, not all of those are the norm when it comes to trucks in the Philippines. Some don't even come with air-conditioning.

But Hino Philippines wants to change all that. The Japanese commercial vehicle manufacturer has rolled out the new 300 Series, and it brings the light-duty truck right into the modern age. On select variants, anti-lock brakes are fitted to this truck, allowing safe, controlled emergency stops. Most versions also come with air-conditioning as well.

2021 Hino 300 Series gains automatic variant, more safety kit image

Perhaps the most significant update here is the inclusion of an airbag. While it's commonplace in passenger vehicles, it's not something usually seen in trucks. Although it's not fitted to all variants, putting that feature standard in select models is a good start in boosting safety in this segment. Another worthwhile option in the new 300 Series is a six-speed automatic transmission. It's reserved for one variant, but if it proves popular enough, Hino might offer it in other versions

As for the exterior, the 2021 Hino 300 Series has a new grille and a front bumper with redesigned intakes. The cab's interior also sees several updates. The 2021 edition features a bigger meter display for easier reading, improved power doors and windows, and ergonomically designed seats for more room and comfort.

The new Hino 300 Series is available in the narrow and wide cab variants. There are also nine configurations and body styles to suit the needs of various businesses and government agencies. The nine body styles are aluminum van, dropside, mobile kitchen, MPV, palletized body, prison van, refrigerated van, a rescue truck, and stake truck. You can also see the 2021 300 Series for yourself in all Hino 3S dealerships nationwide.