New Amazon electric delivery van built with Rivian

The next time you order something from Amazon, this unique looking van might be delivering the packages to your doorsteps. Well, someone from Amazon driving this electric delivery van rather, but I digress.

Amazon’s cute electric van will deliver your future packages image

This is Amazon’s upcoming electric delivery van. It looks quite cute too with its large round headlights and simple black bumper. As for the rest of the truck, well, it looks like any other delivery truck on the road albeit with rounded corners. Currently, it is still a working prototype and was built by EV automaker Rivian. Yes, this is the very same Rivian working on the R1T and R1S electric pickup/SUV and has financial backing from Ford.

No official powertrain figures were given. Considering it is a delivery van for packages around cities, don’t expect it to have as much range as a traditional EV. Given Rivian's involvement in the development, we wouldn’t be surprised if Amazon’s electric delivery vehicle actually rides on the automaker's “skateboard” platform.

Amazon’s cute electric van will deliver your future packages image

While no information about the powertrain was revealed, we did get a peek inside the cabin. Despite being a delivery van, it has two large digital display which acts as infotainment and instrument cluster. Better yet, Amazon Alexa is built into the system along with a 360-degree around-view camera.

As mentioned earlier, the model seen here is still a working prototype. However, the electric delivery van will be on the road and delivering packages by 2021 says Amazon. This vehicle will be one of three models that will be built by Rivian for Amazon in the years to come. The retail giant says that they expect to have around 100,000 electric delivery vans by 2030.

Amazon’s cute electric van will deliver your future packages image

With Amazon’s vans taking to the streets next year and around 100,000 deployed by 2030, don’t be surprised if these cute electric delivery trucks end up becoming a common sight around neighborhoods in the US.