Need an affordable medium-duty or heavy-duty truck for your business needs? Autokid might just help you out there. This year, the company is now also one of the distributors of Dongfeng trucks in the Philippines, giving you more options for your next truck.

Autokid now offers five Dongfeng models in the country with one medium-duty truck and four-heavy duty variants. These are the KR, KX, KL, KC, and T-Lift Transit Mixer.

Autokid now an official distributor of Dongfeng trucks image

The KR is Dongfeng's medium-duty truck. It has various body styles to choose from to suit what the customer demands from their vehicle. Special truck bodies include dropside, wing van, dump, cement mixer, and boom type body options. It is primarily designed for urban and intercity transport, as well as medium-duty construction applications.

For heavy-duty logistical needs, the Dongfeng KX is the latest generation of Dongfeng Trucks designed for long-distance transportation. It packs a 520 PS Cummins Turbodiesel engine, along with the latest emission control systems. Not only will it provide loads of pulling power, the clean, efficient engine can also help curb fuel bills.

Autokid now an official distributor of Dongfeng trucks image

The KL, on the other hand, is a more affordable alternative to the KX mentioned above. The ten-wheeler truck is available in dropside and wing van variants and uses a 380 PS turbodiesel care of Cummins. Some of the practical uses for the KL include delivering care-intensive materials, refrigerated goods, agricultural products, and general cargo.

For heavy-duty construction needs, the Dongfeng KC dump truck is equipped with a strong powertrain, solid chassis, and a reliable 375- horsepower Cummins engine. The Dongfeng KC can be adapted to various assignments and is widely used for heavy construction site works, mining and other off-road operations.

Last but not least is the T-Lift Transit Mixer. From its name, this model is specialized for concrete and mortar transportation in urban, road, and other infrastructure and construction projects. It is equipped with a 10 cubic-meter mixing tank, along with a powerful 340- horsepower Cummins engine.

Dongfeng trucks are available at Autokid Truck Solutions centers around the country. These are located in Santa Rita (Pampanga), Batangas City, Cavite, Dagupan, Davao, EDSA, Lipa, Naga, Oas, and Quezon Avenue.