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Bus crash claims 5 lives on EDSA Magallanes


Tragedy on Magallanes

At 6:41 AM today, November 14, the MMDA received a report of a bus accident that occurred at the bus loading bay at EDSA Magallanes.

Initial reports reveal that the MGP bus was properly positioned inside the loading bay to take on passengers at Magallanes when an Elena bus crashed into it from behind.

The accident claimed the lives of 5 people and injured 20 others, including bus passengers. Some of the injured were taken to Makati Medical Center and Ospital ng Makati for treatment along with the driver of the Elena bus.


The MGP bus driver is currently being questioned at the Traffic Bureau of the Makati Police Station.

The MMDA notified the public via their Traffic Navigator app as the major accident had caused a blockage on EDSA this morning.

It is yet to be determined if the Elena bus lost control due to mechanical failure or driver error.

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