Over the past few weeks, there have been numerous accidents on EDSA. Most notably (and notoriously), these road accidents have been caused by buses that travel along the new EDSA Busway. As of this writing, there have been a total of three recent incidents wherein speeding public buses hit the concrete barriers, which in turn caused several damages to other vehicles on the road. There have also been several private vehicles hitting the barriers as well.

Clearly, something must be done in order for future incidents to be avoided. Well, it looks like the MMDA has found a solution. Starting this August, the government agency will put up steel bollards along the EDSA Busway to minimize accidents along the major thoroughfare.

According to MMDA General Manager Jojo Garcia, the steel bollards will offer more protection compared to plastic ones. And since these bollards will be planted onto the road itself, they will no longer cause accidental damage to other motorists as they will stay in place should they be hit.

Yung aming gagawin po, ilalagay natin is yung steel bollards, hindi yung plastic bollards para kahit papaano may konting proteksyon. Ito rin yung ginagamit sa Skyway. This is donated by the private sector sa MMDA,” said Garcia.

[What we will do, we will put are the steel bollards, not the plastic bollards so that they can provide a little bit of protection. This is also what is used on Skyway. This is donated by the private sector to MMDA]

But what will happen to the concrete barriers? The MMDA will still continue to use them albeit they will be relocated near unloading/loading bays. The agency also reiterated that the design of the concrete barriers is not to be blamed due to the incidents. Instead, it's the unruly bus drivers that are to blame as to why these accidents happen in the first place.

Just a few days ago, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) said that they stand by the use of concrete barriers. They even ordered 36,000 more and are set to be put up along the major highway soon. But since these said barriers have a tendency to be thrown around after being hit, the MMDA's plan to use steel bollards could prove to be the better alternative.

With the MMDA set to put up the bollards along the EDSA Busway, we're keeping our fingers crossed that these new barriers will help reduced bus-related accidents along the thoroughfare.

What do you think about this new experiment of theirs?