This bus gives each passenger their own “cocoon”

Now that most countries around the world have lifted quarantine measures, various modes of public transportation have likewise resumed operations. As the threat of the virus is still around, companies are thinking of various ways and practices to implement social distancing to protect the riding public. One European company, Torsus, has an ingenious way of protecting bus riders with their new seating option.

Check out how this bus isolates passengers from one another image

Torsus is prominently known for building heavy-duty off-road buses, namely the Praetorian. To adapt to the new norm, the company is now offering a new seating option that meets international social distancing guidelines. With the new seating option, the company removes one of the double seats leaving only a single coach seat on each side. Each seat is then encased in a protective pod crafted from 3.5mm thick clear plastic, specifically molded to slot into the now vacant seat rails without causing any damage.

The result? Each passenger has their very own “safety net” inside the bus. Apart from lining up and getting on, they won’t have any direct contact with other passengers. This then reduces the chances of them catching COVID-19 from any possible carriers.  

Check out how this bus isolates passengers from one another image

When things return to normal and social distancing is no longer required in public transport, the bus can simply be reverted to its full capacity interior with no unsightly holes or damage.

Could Torsus’s unique seating option be adapted to local buses? It is possible. No doubt it will look a lot better as compared to seats simply crossed out with red tape. However, it will also be a lot more expensive to make and will take time to adapt as opposed to… well, using tape.