Earlier this week, the TEB was launched as a way to alleviate traffic congestion. It is a cross between a bus and railways system that allows cars to pass underneath. Everyone was hyped with its unique concept. But according to Chinese State Media, the TEB could be a scam.

Images published showed that instead of rails, the TEB runs on rubber tires guided by gutters making it more like a tram than a bus.

Other than that, its 2,100mm tunnel clearance for vehicles is very limited and may only accommodate smaller cars. Lastly, there is also the problem on how will traffic enter and exit through the TEB's tunnel without straying into the path of the bus itself.

With it, the Chinese State Media claimed that the TEB project is nothing but a scam because of the setting and funding of this project. Without supervision or knowledge of Qinghuangdao city officials, the test run was staged on a 300 meter wide closed inactive highway.

As response, TEB Technology Development Company later claimed that unlike how it appeared in the coverage, the test run was only “internal” and does not require supervision from any officials. Lastly, the budget for TEB was believed to be raised from peer-to-peer lending wherein an online company matched their investors and borrowers.