Pininfarina takes their styling skills to large trucks

When we imagine Pininfarina, more likely than not, what comes to mind are Ferrari models such as the Testarossa, 458 Italia, and the F40. Outside of the Prancing Horse, the company helped style a few models from the Vietnamese car brand Vinfast. More recently, the Italian design firm introduced its own electric hypercar – the Battista.

With that in mind, Pininfarina is often associated with some of the best-looking vehicles to date, be it a production model or concept cars. However, they will soon be working their styling magic on trucks. Specifically, a new range of green, eco-friendly trucks built by French company Gaussin.

At the moment, Gaussin has yet to reveal the Pininfarina-designed trucks in full. However, they did release a shadowy teaser photo. Not surprisingly, it looks, unlike any full-size truck you'd see on the road today. According to the company, the design firm was tasked to design a completely new cab concept for driver comfort and safety.

The trucks will range from a variety of sizes, all of which will be underpinned by a modular skateboard platform that can support both battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell powertrains. Some of the trucks include a full-size Class 8 truck (4x2, 6x4) with a combined range of 1,200 km, smaller trucks used for city areas, and rigid trucks for construction use (i.e. cement trucks, tippers). Possibly the most interesting out of the bunch is the Gaussin H2 Racing Truck.

“The cab has to be aligned with the new mobility needs. It must be the link between the driver and his mission, between the truck and its environment. It has to be clean, safe, friendly but also intelligent to perform at a high level of efficiency…. and it has to have a signature that lasts over time. Pininfarina has not only designed a modern and great-looking cab but has created a transgenerational story,” said Christophe Gaussin, CEO of Gaussin.

We're excited about what the upcoming Pininfarina-designed trucks from Gaussin will look like once they're revealed in full.