Starting Monday, June 19, 2017, the Department of Transport (DOTr) will be starting the PUV Modernization Program. This program seeks to lift the standards of public utility vehicles in the country. Last month, the government agency has outlined a proposal for the changes to be made in these vehicles. 

The DOTr said that the current state of PUVs in the country is outdated and dangerous. At the moment, it is yet to be known if the DOTr's proposals will be put into action. Among the changes announced is the addition of more safety equipment in PUVs, and cleaner engines, just to name a few. Buses, mini-buses, UVs and Filcabs will be part of these sweeping changes. 

DOTr to start PUV Modernization Program on Monday

Among their plans, all vehicles that will be used as public transport must have curbside entry, meaning UVs and Filcabs should be having their entry points moved to the side. Their proposal also requires that city and mini buses must have low entry points for easier entry and egress, as well as PWD access. Another thing mentioned in the proposal is the use of Euro 4 engines for all PUVs.

DOTr to start PUV Modernization Program on Monday

On top of those, the DOTr's proposal sees safety and security features for PUVs. The agency is pushing for anti-lock brakes for these vehicles, as well as a speed limiter. If the vehicle is not equipped with one, it will not be registered and not be allowed to serve as a PUV. The proposal also sees the requirement of a tracking device, as well as an automated fare collection system. The DOTr is also aiming to get CCTVs and dash cameras fitted in all PUVs. Lastly, the agency promises to add free Wi-Fi for the convenience city bus and mini bus passengers.

More details will be known once the program is set in motion.