Scania aims to be the leading provider of sustainable transport with customer profitability as the starting point in the company's new Ecolution transport solutions.

Ecolution by Scania focuses on cutting fuel consumption and CO2 emissions to a minimum. It has the capacity to reduce fuel-consumption by more than 10 percent through a package of activities such as CO2 optimized vehicles specified for the lowest fuel consumption, decreasing carbon dioxide emissions.

“We recently joined the Green Philippines exhibit at the SMX to drive awareness about Scania’s role in promoting a more sustainable future. With Ecolution, you get a lasting fuel reduction, reduced emissions, more motivated drivers, less wear and tear, more uptime, a common goal and tight teamwork with our Clients and a harmonious way to improve results,” said Leilani Lim-Tan, Vice President of BJ Mercantile, Inc., the local distributor of Scania.

In addition, the company now grants Scania Driver Training to all Scania owners. Here, they will be provided with the skills and tools for outstanding driver performance.

Scania Driver Support is an on-board coaching system that helps drivers maintain and use their acquired skills every day. Scania Driver Follow-up sets personal goals for drivers with individual feedback over time.

Already, a number of the brand's local clients have availed of the Scania Fleet Management System which allows individual Driver Coaching based on vehicle and environmental reports from Scania Fleet Management.