After petitions and trials to get it removed, the much debated provincial bus ban will resume its dry run next week, August 7, 2019. This comes after the Supreme Court stepped in on the matter after they ordered the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to answer petitions and pleas against EDSA provincial bus ban.

The MMDA has yet to answer to the Supreme Court, but general manager Jojo Garcia said the dry run will start exactly on 4:00 AM on the date mentioned above.  “The dry run will push through  unless there is a Supreme Court (SC) order stopping its implementation. We respect the rule of law, alam namin iyan kaya kapag sinabing ihinto, ihinto natin iyan definitely (we know that that's why if they (Supreme Court) tell us to stop, we will stop it indefinitely,” said Garcia to reporters.

Garcia also added that, while the terminals along EDSA will still be open, buses will not be allowed to load and unload passengers from there at certain times. The agency has urged bus operators to use the interim terminals located in Santa Rosa, Laguna, and Valenzuela City, Valenzuela. However, from 10:00 PM to 4:00 AM, the MMDA is allocating a window hour to allow travelers to board or get off EDSA dry run. It implies that the provincial buses are allowed to drive though EDSA during the said times.

During the dry run, violators will not be apprehended. Instead, the MMDA will see if there are any loopholes that can be exploited should the rule be implemented. That said, the provincial bus operators vowed that they will follow the rules of the dry run. Garcia mentioned that he is happy that the operators will be cooperating with them.