Foton expands EC Service program to Northern Luzon

Foton Motor Philippines, Inc. (FMPI) recently turned over two EC Mobile Service vehicles with its dealer partners in La Union and Isabela held at the Foton Assembly Plant in Clark, Pampanga last September 1 to continue its commitment to innovation and enhancement of customer experience.

The turnover ceremony was attended by executives of the brand, headed by Mr. Erroll E. Dueñas, FMPI President, along with representatives from Foton La Union, Mr. Khenrick Tan, and Foton Isabela, Mr. Dennis San Juan.

Foton's EC Mobile Service Program, which started in 2018 continues to ensure a gratifying after-sales experience for customers as it brings parts and services closer to them.

"With these after-sales support vehicles, we show everyone that we don't stop at just making sales. We offer our exclusive EC Mobile Service and continue expanding its reach while making sure that there is a generous supply of parts whenever or wherever the customers need it," said Mr. Erroll Dueñas president of FMPI.

These customized EC Mobile units are fully equipped Gratour MT Wing Vans designed for delivering efficient repair and Preventive Maintenance Services (PMS). They carry a full array of specialized tools, spare parts, and equipment. With this Easy and Convenient Mobile Service, FOTON owners will no longer have to worry about extended downtimes for their units; they can count on their nearest dealership after-sales service anytime and anywhere.

"For those who for some reason cannot bring their vehicles to the dealership for service, we have our EC Mobile Service units to respond anytime and anywhere. We will go to you. Indeed, quality and affordability are something, but they're not everything. We, at FOTON, care for our customers beyond a closed deal," stressed Lito Landicho, Vice President for Customer Service.

Foton dealers in Isabela, La Union now EC Service equipped image

"This dealer partnership is really a big boost in our daily operations, especially for the after-sales group. It gives us more confidence in visiting and servicing our fleet accounts, our government accounts, and even our retail accounts," said Dennis San Juan, Foton Isabela dealer principal.

This EC Mobile Service offers 24/7 accessibility to customers wherever they may at any time. This feature offers solutions to unforeseen road events where the nearest dealership can deliver mobile service for the customers.

Foton dealers in Isabela, La Union now EC Service equipped image

"We will be taking our after-sales to the next level. So instead of benchmarking, we are now the benchmark. It's gonna help us a lot since we're very active in visiting our fleet and making service caravans. Now it's gonna make it easier for us and easier for our clients." quipped Khenrick Tan, Foton La Union dealer principal.

This venture shows the firm's commitment to its goal of delivering EC Mobile Service to the rest of the country, in addition to the first select batch of dealerships that extends this assistance.

These EC Mobile Service Trucks bring a proficient technical team to meet the customers' vehicle needs, with complete tools and equipment, as well as the essential parts with ideal compatibility and authenticity. Clients only need to contact their nearest Foton dealer, and a 24/7 competent service will be guaranteed.