Foton Philippines continues to expand its product portfolio not just in the passenger vehicle segment. Recently, the automaker launched its latest entry in the commercial vehicle segment.

Say hello to the 2019 Hurricane EST-M 4x2 series of trucks, Foton's newest heavy-duty hauler that is available in various body styles and configurations. It's available in 22-footer and 25-footer cargo trucks, 25-footer cargo truck with crane, and as a six-wheeler dump truck with a 9 cubic meter volume carrying capacity. The payload capacity of 25-footer cargo truck is at 17,070 kg while the dump truck is capable of carrying 15,000 kg worth of payload.

Powering all variants of the Hurricane EST-M is an inline-six turbo-diesel engine. While it only produces 220 PS at 2500 rpm, it doles out a whopping 800 Nm of torque at is easily available at 1500 rpm.

Foton Hurricane EST-M image

Despite being a workhorse, Foton equipped the Hurricane EST-M with a bevy of convenience features. These includes: power windows and door locks, tilt/telescopic steering wheel, generous cabin space for three, overhead storage, as well as additional storage space behind the driver and front passenger in the standard cab model.

“We’re also highlighting the entertainment and car-like interiors for the driver and passenger. All of which makes sense, considering that these vehicles typically deal with heavy volumes of traffic on a daily basis,” said Rommel Sytin, president of Foton Philipines.

Besides giving the trucks plenty of in-car amenities, the Hurricane series of trucks also come standard with the following safety features: anti-lock brakes with electronic brakeforce distribution, anti-slip regulator, as well as a collision mitigation system.

Foton Hurricane EST-M image

“Value has long been a hallmark of our products. It is one of the many attributes that made our commercial vehicle brand notch the 3rd best ranking in the overall local truck sales in 2018. The range of capabilities from light, medium and heavy duty trucks also coupled with the versatility of multiple body configurations for the various needs of the Philippine market,” added Sytin.

Pricing of the Foton EST-M 4x2 Hurricane trucks are as follows:

Hurricane EST-M Cargo Truck 4x2 22-footer - Php 1,990,000

Hurricane EST-M Cargo Truck 4x2 25-footer - Php 2,090,000

Hurricane EST-M Dump Truck 4x2 - Php 2,400,000

Hurricane EST-M Cargo Truck 4x2 with Crane - Php 2,800,000