Foton Harabas to go head to head with Mitsubishi L300, Isuzu Traviz

Readers of a certain age might remember an AUV (Asian Utility Vehicle) dubbed the GM Harabas. Its primary competitors were the Ford Fiera, Isuzu KC-20, and Toyota Tamaraw. GM discontinued the name in the '80s and sat dormant for nearly 40 years.

Foton PH resurrects legendary Harabas name image

But now, the name is back although it's not General Motors who revived it. Instead, it's Foton who revived the iconic and legendary nameplate. The Foton Harabas TM300 may not be an AUV, but its purpose is similar to the model from the past. It's designed for business and transport purposes, just like the GM.

Foton PH resurrects legendary Harabas name image

"Strong from both outside and within, the Foton Harabas TM300 has the strength to shoulder tough logistics needs every day. We are gladly presenting it to our hardworking fellow Filipinos who are finding ways to innovate and succeed during this prolonged pandemic," says Foton Motor Philippines, Inc. (FMPI), Rommel Sytin.

Foton PH resurrects legendary Harabas name image

The Foton Harabas TM300 is available in four body configurations. There's the F-Van, MPV, Dropside, and Wing Van. The F-Van is an aluminum van specialized for transport. The Dropside on the other hand transforms the Harabas into a truck. The Wing Van on the other hand can be utilized as a mobile food station or mobile concept stores, while the MPV is a people-carrier.

Foton PH resurrects legendary Harabas name image

All Harabas TM300 body styles use a 2.2-liter turbodiesel. The Euro IV-compliant engine puts out 87 PS and 220 Nm of torque. That engine is then paired with a manual transmission. The Harabas' prime competitors are the Isuzu Traviz and the Mitsubishi L300.

So, how much for the Harabas TM300? Check out the price list below:

Harabas TM300 Dropside - PHP 755,000

Harabas TM300 F-Van - PHP 825,000

Harabas TM300 Wingvan - PHP 840,000

Harabas TM300 MPV - PHP 860,000