Foton Big Show 2023 is all set from February 10 to 12 at the World Trade Center

In celebration of Foton Motor Philippines Inc.’s 16th year in the Philippines, the gates will open for the biggest commercial vehicle event called Foton's Big Show 2023: Commerce and Mobility Synergized.

Foton's most in-demand and all-new masterpieces will be showcased with 33 different units in the roundup, all made to serve and empower Filipino businesses. More importantly, at the 3-day show, FOTON Philippines will unveil for the first time, the Tornado 3.6 EV - the first electric light-duty truck to hit the Philippine market, the 16-seater Traveller 2.0, and Harabas 1.9 Miler.

Foton PH to unveil Tornado EV truck at Big Show 2023 image

“The dawn of the new generation of trucking and new leaders in businesses is here. Foton Motor Philippines Inc. has always been the pioneer in providing mobility solutions and it only competes to change its own game. In the many successive years we are holding the Big Shows, we have spurred record-high sales and ushered in top-caliber choice for entrepreneurs from large-scale to small-scale businesses,” said Levy Santos, Foton Philippines General Manager.

Santos also described the aim of Foton Philippines in shifting Filipino businesses to having a zero-cost strategy on gas, climate consciousness, reduced daily mileage, accessible charging opportunities, and excellent after-sales services.

Foton PH to unveil Tornado EV truck at Big Show 2023 image

“We hope Foton's Big Show 2023 opens to the patrons, business owners, and other guests, the choices they have in welcoming sustainability which does not have to break their backs. At Foto, our goal is to provide these options, especially for our core market – logistics, construction, and the hospitality industry,” added Santos.

The giant fleet of the mobility solutions company will be on full display at the World Trade Center in Pasay City on February 10, 11, and 12, starting at 10:00 AM daily. While walk-in guests are welcome, Foton also suggests interested show-goers register early via the Foton PH App to take home exclusive merchandise once the gates open.

Foton PH to unveil Tornado EV truck at Big Show 2023 image

Last but not least, those that go to the Foton Big Show 2023 will be able to take advantage of test drives, markdown sales, on-site approvals, and trade-in opportunities.