At the recently concluded 67th IAA Commercial Vehicles expo, Chinese manufacturer Foton exhibited their latest truck – the Auman EST-A – at the Daimler booth together with other Mercedes-Benz trucks. For those wondering why a Chinese-built truck was displayed at the Daimler booth, the Auman EST-A is built by Beijing, Foton Daimler Automotive Co. (BFDA), a joint venture between the German and Chinese manufacturer.

Developed by BFDA, the Auman EST-A is intended for long-distance hauls. Aside from having a Mercedes-Benz-sourced engine, it also uses 'a world renowned power and parts supply system, including Cummins, ZF, WABCO, etc'. An 'intelligent power system' and advanced driver system helps drivers during long journeys. A fleet management system helps operators deal with their trucks.

Since its global debut in China last April 2017, the Auman EST series truck has also been launched in other countries in the South America, Southeast Asia, and African markets.

“Daimler owns sophisticated technology and quality control, and Foton Motor owns leading manufacturing systems and mature market operation experiences, insight, and strategic deployment on the markets. The two parties have reached tacit understanding and consensus in cooperation. Therefore, on this basis, more competition can further embody the complementary advantages of two parties,” said Gong Yueqiong, president of Foton Motor Group.

Daimler will continue to introduce more advanced products and technologies into BFDA to further enhance their cooperation with Foton Motors in the future. Since their 7-year joint development, the BFDA has already reached an total accumulated sales volume of 540,000 in global markets as of August 2018.