Foton Motor Philippines Inc (FMPI) continues to make strides not just in providing passenger and commercial vehicles for private and business use. Recently, the company introduced their latest version of a modern PUV that can ferry commuters safely and comfortably.

Say hello to the F-Jeep, Foton's newest contender in the government's PUV Modernization program. Measuring 5650mm long, 1828mm wide and 2615mm tall, Foton claims their new PUV is more spacious, has wider passenger doors, and comes with a more powerful Cummins turbo-diesel engine.

Foton new modern Jeepney image

“Foton Philippines understands the importance of being able to move a large number of people reliably, safely as well as with care for the environment. And from this, we see the role of the F-Jeep as a workhorse and multi-functional partner for the growing number of PUV operators in the country,” said Rommel Sytin, president of Foton Philippines.

The new PUV is based off the company's light-duty truck, the Tornado 2.4C. Its body was fabricated by Centro Manufacturing Corp. and it is capable of accommodating up to 24 passengers (16 seated, 8 standing). It has side-facing benches, an air-conditioning unit, Wi-Fi connection, a CCTV camera and dashcam system for added security, and a card-based system for collecting fares.

Foton new modern Jeepney image

Powering the F-Jeep is a 2.8-liter Blue Energy Cummins turbo-diesel four-cylinder engine. It puts out 116 PS at 3200 rpm along with 260 Nm of torque at 1300 – 3200 rpm. In addition, the turbo-diesel motor also meets the government's Euro 4 fuel standards.

“It’s time to make a step forward with our entries for the PUV modernization. The launch of the Foton Jeepney will not just provide a comfortable riding experience for the commuters. We also aim to promote the capabilities of the national icon of Philippine transportation,” added Sytin.

Foton new modern Jeepney image

FMPI hopes that with the F-Jeep, PUV operators and drivers will switch from their old jeepneys to safer and more modern vehicles that meet the government's plan and vision for a better public transport system.