Froehlich Tours Inc., a VIP and Luxury Tourist Bus Charter company in the Philippines, has partnered with MAN Automotive Concessionaires Corporation to achieve its goal in upgrading the country's public bus transport system. Froehlich has acquired a fleet of MAN Lion's City model Low Entry City Bus.

According to MACC (MAN Automotive Concessionaires Corporation), the exclusive importer and dealer of MAN bus and truck in the Philippines, the MAN Low Entry bus meets the demanding requirements of urban passenger transport. Measuring 12-meters long, MAN's Low Entry City Bus can accommodate up to 90 passengers (39 seating; 51 standees) plus 1 wheelchair space. It is powered by a 7.0-liter CRDI engine that delivers 284 PS at 2400rpm and 1,100 Nm between 1,200 to 1,750rpm. The engine is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.

Interior of the MAN Low Entry City Bus Lion City

Low Entry Buses have no steps which allow passengers to get on and off the bus easily. This kind of bus includes an area without seating which is usually next to one of the doors where wheelchairs can be parked. In other words, Low Entry buses can be of great help to persons with disability, senior citizens and pregnant women who are commuting daily.

Moreover, Low Entry Buses come with a hydraulic kneeling function which can be used when the bus is in full stop. The logic of this feature is to tilt the bus towards the curb or pavement which allows wheelchair users to board the bus easier.

Taking all this into consideration, Froehlich Tours Inc. CEO Chris Bauer told that the company plans to roll out 60 units of MAN's Low Entry City bus this year if the Land Transportation and Franchising Board (LTFRB) decide to award them a franchise.

Froehlich Tours Inc. CEO Chris Bauer

When asked on why he chose MAN’s Low Entry City Bus, Bauer said that “the quality of MAN buses is quite higher [compared] to other buses in the Philippine market.” He also claimed that in comparison with the existing line of other European buses with the likes of Volvo and Scania, "the engine chassis of MAN is far away the best option in the market today."

As of this writing, Bauer said that 16 units of the MAN Low Entry City Bus will be in full force for Froehlich Tours Inc.’s point to point (P2P) service come May 2016. The company’s P2P service is currently servicing from SM North and Trinoma in Quezon City to Glorietta 5 in Makati City with a fixed rate of PhP 55. Froehlich Tours Inc. added that its P2P service has been a "great success and has been warmly welcomed by the general commuting public due to its convenience and comfortable transportation style."