For the longest time, Isuzu has been known as “The diesel experts”. But as the automotive landscape embraces electric power, Isuzu is also changing with the times. Introducing the ELF EV.

The ELF EV is no concept either. This battery-powered light-duty truck is slated for production with units being delivered to customers in Japan sometime in 2020.

Keeping the ELF EV running are a pair of 40 kWh battery packs. While that's commonplace these days, it's the placement that's worth noting. Instead of mounting them near the axles, Isuzu placed them on the left side and right side of the vehicle. The effect is somewhat like a 'saddlebag' design to free up space in the middle. The truck manufacturer says that they are expecting 'over 100 kilometers' on a single charge.

From diesel to electric: Meet Isuzu

On to power and its motor produces 150 kw, which is good for 201 PS. Torque, however, has not been specified by Isuzu. However, given that electric motors are inherently torquey, we're expecting a large figure from it. After all, it is a light-duty truck.

Isuzu mentioned three key features of the ELF EV. These are the swivel seat for the driver for ease of entry and exit, cameras in place of side mirrors, and a 3D surround-view camera. With an all-new pickup, an enhanced heavy-duty truck, and their very first electric vehicle just around the corner, Isuzu's next decade will be an interesting one indeed.