Fuso Philippines delivers Canter Commute units to CTSC

Commuters from Commonwealth and Montalban, Rizal area can look forward to more convenient and comfortable travels using modern PUVs.

Sojitz Fuso Philippines Corporation (SFP), the general distributor of Fuso trucks, buses, and modern PUVs in the Philippines, has turned over five Canter Commute Class 2 units to Common Transport Service Cooperative (CTSC). The newly purchased Canter modern PUVs are expected to deploy along Marcos Ave. Commonwealth Ave. Quezon City and Montalban Rizal via LITEX.

Equipped with a Euro V-compliant 3.0L diesel engine, Canter Commute delivers both better fuel economy and cleaner emissions for more sustainable transportation than the traditional one. These modern PUVs have been assembled using the Canter platform and were collaboratively designed by SFP and Almazora Motors Corporation.

The Class 2 PUV can fit 20 people in side-facing seats while still accommodating 10 more standing passengers. Comfort-wise, the air-conditioning unit installed is patterned with Fuso’s popular light bus model, Rosa. Air-condition vents are mounted overhead to give the interior an equal distribution of airflow.

Moreover, SFP conducted a pre-delivery orientation and training for the operators and drivers of CTSC to ensure proper vehicle operation, share driving tips, and provide basic maintenance lectures which demonstrates SFP’s committed services and continued support to the operations of its valued customers.

“To Common Transport Service Cooperative, your commitment and efforts have brought us to this point, where we can proudly turn over our quality FUSO modern PUVs to your business. Your dedication to providing reliable and efficient transportation services to your community truly aligns with our commitment to providing high-quality products and services as well. Today, we hand over not just our vehicles, but the keys to a more efficient, comfortable, and sustainable transportation mobility.” said Yosuke Nishi, SFP president and CEO.