Whether you’re young or old, at some point in your life you’ve probably always wanted to know what it feels like to drive a commercial truck. These trucks rule the road with their commanding presence and intimidating size.

To further let the public know what their new range of Fuso products can do, Sojitz Fuso Philippines decided to hold the first Fuso Experience; a preview and test drive of their new medium and heavy duty trucks at their lot in Sta. Rosa Laguna.

Fuso image

Sojitz Fuso Philippines understood that this event was unique for clients to be able to experience first hand what it’s like to drive the trucks they’ll be purchasing for their businesses.

Sojitz Fuso president & CEO Takatsugu Nitanai, explained further in his welcoming speech the importance of showing how far technology has brought ease and convenience to truck drivers. Moreover, this even also shows how Sojitz Fuso aims to showcase the quality and durability of their trucks.

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Following the welcoming remarks of Mr. Takatsugu Nitanai, attendees were given a detailed product presentation on the features and capabilities of each truck on showcase during the event.

The trucks that available for test drive were the FI-1217R 6-wheeler medium-duty truck with a 22-foot loading span, a 11.9-ton GVW powered by a 4D37 3.9L turbo-diesel engine as well as the FJ 2528R 10-wheeler heavy-duty truck which has a 32-foot load span, a 25-ton GVW with a 6S20 6-cylinder 6.4L turbodiesel. The largest Fuso model was the massive FV 10-wheeler Super Great tractor with a 60-ton GVW powered by an OM457 12L turbodiesel with a 12-speed transmission.

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Participants were able to drive the models, as well as take a ride in the behemoth that was the FV Super Great tractor.

This whole experience points towards how Fuso's trucks makes life more convenient for truck drivers to do their jobs more efficiently and more effectively. Sojitz Fuso Philippines not only recognizes their plight but also acted on it, providing driver-friendly but capable trucks for companies that will serve as the backbone of the country’s economy.