When we see a truck, we can't imagine them being powered by anything else aside from diesel. But times are changing, and the automotive industry has been finding ways to reduce dependence on fossil fuels by finding alternative means of propulsion. That sentiment is also being explored in the the truck industry.

Fuso Vision F-Cell Truck image

For Mitsubishi Fuso, they're exploring hydrogen power to move their trucks into the future. During the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, they showcased their latest concept, the Vision F-Cell truck. The Vision F-Cell promises to deliver performance and reliability demanded from trucks, all while emitting zero emissions.

In the case of the Vision F-Cell, the fuel cell packs act as a generator to keep the batteries charged and electric motors going. This helps increase range, which is vital in the trucking industry. Fully charged, Fuso believes that their truck can last up to 300 kilometers before it needs to be topped up.

Fuso Vision F-Cell Truck image

Meanwhile, the electric motors themselves provide 135 kilowatts of power, which is about 183 PS. Fuso did not provide torque figures, but we're expecting more than a decent amount due to the nature of electric power.

That said, Fuso isn't relying solely on hydrogen-electric power for their future. In fact, they have released an electric battery-powered version of their Canter truck in limited numbers. Dubbed the e-Canter, Fuso aims to mass produce it by next year.

With all these developments happening in the automotive landscape, the sound of trucks clattering might soon be a thing of the past.