MAN Trucks powers the Great Sierra Development Corp. fleet

For decades, MAN trucks have been one of the top truck manufacturers in the world. They are also one of the most trusted names in heavy-duty trucks locally. How so? Recently, one major development corporation chose them to power their fleet.

Great Sierra Development Corp. chooses MAN to power their fleet image

That company is Great Sierra Development Corporation (GSDC), and they recently got a fleet of MAN trucks as their vehicle of choice. GSDC specifically went for the TGS 26.360 truck, and it's clear when the development company chose this model.

The TGS 26.360 is powered by an inline-six turbodiesel engine that churns out 360 PS and 1,800 Nm of torque. It even has features such as Exhaust Valve Brake (EVB), Electronic Diesel Control (EDC), Speed Limiters, ABS, and MAN BrakeMatic to ensure the safety of their drivers and cargo.

Great Sierra Development Corp. chooses MAN to power their fleet image

MAN Trucks add that the TGS 26.360's versatility is the key to its success. This model is designed for short-haul or distribution transport, on the construction site, in the utility sector, or specialist fields. The truck also benefits from lightweight construction and intelligent efficiency systems, which helps save on fuel and operation costs.

GSDC is one of the many companies that use MAN Trucks to power its fleet. Various construction and development firms also use MAN Trucks as their movers. As development continues in the country, the company is determined to keep things moving, and their truck models should be more than ready to take on the road (and loads) ahead.

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