Looking to buy an all-new truck to haul your business but want to get it at a bargain ? Foton Motor Philippines Inc. (FMPI), with the help of BPI Family Savings Bank, now have a solution for you.

Buyers that are interested in getting a Foton heavy duty truck can now do so through bank financing with BPI Family Savings Bank. With this new program, vehicles availed through the BPI-FB will no longer be limited to Foton passeenger vehicles and light-duty trucks.

From the Hurrican lineup, to the EST tractor heads, and even the ETX dump truck and wing vans, Foton's range of heavy duty trucks are now available through BPI-FB's financing program.

“Our brand’s promise is to empower businesses. From this, our team does the best in providing notable services from pre- purchase, actual sale, and aftersales. This includes the worry-free experience of our clients in availing our products at the lowest price possible,” said Rommel Sytin, FMPI president.

Foton BPI image

Sytin also mentioned that they will have flexible payment schemes, affordable packages, as well as faster application and approval to help customers get their business hauler.

“This agreement has been put together to allow our dear clients to have their vehicle funded in ways that best suits their circumstances. Our interest rates are fixed for the duration of the agreement you opt for, allowing you to plan your finances moving forward with certainty,” said Dennis Fronda, first vice president of BPI Family Savings Bank.

With the new financing program in play, Sytin believes that this will help those that are looking to buy a truck but are on a tight budget. In addition, the new bank financing program will also aid Foton in their sales growth as they are currently at 9th place in overall vehicle sales.