Dramatic concepts are a bit of a rarity in the world of medium-duty trucks, but Hino is about to present one at the upcoming 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. What Hino has in mind is their vision of the pure-electric truck platform of the future.

And it looks like a giant skateboard. But don't laugh because Hino might actually be on to something here. It's called the Flatformer, and Hino reckons it could become a cost-effective and innovative way to build modular truck platforms, particularly full EV trucks.

What you're looking at is an electrified take on the body on frame design. The 'skateboard' you see houses the battery packs within it, along with the drivetrain system. At the moment, Hino hasn't mentioned anything about specifications, but we're expecting heaps of torque from its electric motor or motors.

The benefit of this design is its flexibility. With the platform in place, the owner has the option of fitting a body style that will suit their business needs even better, rather than getting a truck and adapt it to its intended purpose. The body could be changed easily too, giving one chassis the ability to do different duties, which should curb operating costs. So instead of buying two trucks with different duties, you can just use one chassis to handle different tasks.

Not only that, this platform has even boasts self-driving capabilities. Now, it's still unknown if it will be fully autonomous or semi-autonomous, but it will likely depend on the truck's application.

But while all that is still relatively far out in the future, Hino will also highlight hybrid heavy-duty truck dubbed the Profia Hybrid. There's even some exciting news as Hino also announced that they will continue participating in the Dakar Rally and thy will be showing their 2020 race truck in a few weeks.