Hino Philippines expands 500 Series medium-duty truck lineup with FL 10-wheeler

Hino Motor Philippines (HMP) has just launched its newest hauler for the local market. Officially making its debut is the 2020 FL 10-wheeler truck, the latest member of the company's 500 series of medium-duty trucks.

Revealed during the company's first virtual vehicle launch, the FL 10-wheeler (full name FL8J) plans to set a new standard in the medium-duty truck segment with its improved safety and comfort, superior reliability, and optimum fuel economy.

At the heart of the FL 10-wheeler truck is a powerful six-cylinder turbo-diesel engine that is connected to a nine-speed manual gearbox. No output figures were released by Hino although the truckmaker mentioned that it can support loads of up to 18,620 kg, and pull a total gross vehicle weight of 26,000 kg. It also has a 320-liter fuel tank and a top speed of 108 km/h.

Hino PH launches 2020 FL 10-wheeler medium-duty truck image

As stated earlier, the FL 10-wheeler comes with improved driver safety and comfort. It has full-air dual circuit brakes with an anti-lock braking system (ABS), automatic brake shoe adjuster, and an air-operated spring brake to assist when parking.

The FL 10-wheeler is also built with Hino's Easy Start (ES) technology which assists the driver while maneuvering steep inclines. It works by maintaining a braking force that prevents the truck from rolling backward or making other accidental movements.

Aside from that, the ES also helps reduce driver fatigue by allowing drivers to rest their feet off the brake pedals and automatically releasing the brakes once the clutch is engaged. This feature can be used in both forward and reverse gears to ensure driver comfort. As a final touch, the FL 10-wheeler has an easy-to-adjust seat suspension system that allows for a secure and safe ride for the driver.

Hino PH launches 2020 FL 10-wheeler medium-duty truck image

“Every part of the new truck unit is engineered to deliver powerful performance. Like its predecessors, the truck bears the premium Japanese quality Hino is globally known for. This new truck embodies Hino’s mission of making the world a better place by helping people and goods get where they need to go – safely, economically, and environmentally responsible,” said Mitsuharu Tabata, president of HMP.

The all-new Hino FL8J 10-wheeler medium-duty truck is now available in all Hino 3S dealerships nationwide with a starting price of PhP 3,775,000 when fitted with a 32ft. body.