Carbon emissions have long been the bane of our planet. With trucks being powered by diesel, they are also among those who leave much of the noxious emissions behind. To combat that, Hyundai has come up with an answer to help Mother Nature, so they came up with the HDC-6 NEPTUNE and the Translead HT Nitro ThermoTech.

The NEPTUNE is a zero emissions fuel cell electric truck that will be powered by hydrogen, The HT Nitro meanwhile is Hyundai Translead’s solution for a sustainable green energy for refrigerated trailers. Not much has been said about the HT Nitro aside from the fact that it's cooled by Nitrogen, but they did have some things to say and share about the NEPTUNE.

Taking its name after the Roman God of the Seas, the NEPTUNE symbolizes the hydrogen powered natural elements of the sea - the largest potential source of hydrogen fuel on Earth.

In addition to the NEPTUNE’s unique construction, fuel system and advanced in-cab technology, its modern design draws inspiration from the streamliner railway trainsets of the 1930s with its Art Deco function-driven style.  Similarly, its design team found new ways to combine both form and function to create an entirely unique new solution within the commercial vehicle industry.

Hyundai Neptune Concept image

“We have cemented the fuel cell technology leadership position in the passenger vehicle sector with the world’s first commercially produced fuel cell EV and the second generation fuel cell EV, the NEXO. With the introduction of HDC-6 NEPTUNE, in addition to the road proven Xcient fuel cell truck, we expand our technology leadership into the commercial vehicle sector by unveiling our vision of how fuel cell electric trucks can resolve the environmental equations of widely used commercial vehicles and our commitment to create a decarbonized society,” said Edward Lee, Head of Commercial Vehicle Business Division at Hyundai Motor Company. 

Currently, Hyundai’s offering of commercial vehicles include Class 2 through Class 8 trucks and buses manufactured in three international plants; all currently sold in 130 countries worldwide, and since the 1970s. Close to 50 years hence, the HDC-6 NEPTUNE and HT Nitro are scheduled to be unveiled during this year’s North American Commercial Vehicle Show in Atlanta. Clearly, Hyundai Motor Company is showing no signs of slowing down in bringing forward better, cleaner, and more efficient solutions to the trucking industry.