Isuzu reveals its smallest N Series yet with 2024 Elf Mio

The Elf (AKA N Series) is probably one of Isuzu’s most popular workhorses. With a history spanning all the way from the late 50s along with countless configurations available for customers to choose from, it’s not surprising the N Series continues to be a popular choice amongst business owners who need to move or showcase their products.

Unfortunately, those who wish to drive the Isuzu N Series will first need to get a professional driver’s license (or trucker’s license). This limits the number of drivers that are allowed to pilot the workhorse. This also means business owners typically have to hire people to actually drive their N Series fleet.

There is the Isuzu Traviz, but it’s a smaller vehicle altogether which means its carrying capacity is limited compared to the Elf. It all boils down to customers wanting more power & torque, as well as additional payload capacity. Seeing this conundrum, Isuzu may have come up with a solution to meet this particular problem.

Is this Isuzu Elf Mio the JDM Traviz PH needs? image

Enter the Elf Mio (or N Series Mio), and while it may just be a smaller version of the N Series, this one has a special feature up its sleeve. Unlike most N Series trucks that require a special license in order to be driven, this particular model negates that need as it’s specifically built to be driven by anyone with a regular license.

This makes it more attractive to business owners who don’t mind driving their own trucks or hiring drivers with a standard license, ultimately bringing down costs. In addition, its smaller size means regular drivers will not have any trouble maneuvering the vehicle.

As for its dimensions, the Elf Mio measures 4690mm long, 1695mm wide, and 1960mm tall. It also has a 2500mm wheelbase and a maximum loading capacity of 1,300 kg. It’s available in various body styles including this dropside version we saw over at Tokyo Big Sight during the 2023 Japan Mobility Show.

Is this Isuzu Elf Mio the JDM Traviz PH needs? image

Powering the Elf Mio is not a 4J series engine. Instead, the Elf Mio gets the 1.9-liter RZ4E turbo-diesel. It makes a respectable 120 PS along with 320 Nm of torque and is coupled to a 6-speed automatic transmission by Aisin.

For now, the Elf Mio is being sold only in Japan. However, since it will not require a special license to be driven, it could prove to be popular elsewhere too including the Philippines. More importantly, will a scaled-down truck like the Elf Mio be better than a scaled-up pick-up truck platform like the Traviz?

Last, but not least, will Isuzu Philippines Corporation bring Elf Mio into the country as an alternative or replacement to the Traviz? Watch this space.