Make no mistake about it: diesels have been in hot water lately.

Emissions is the key factor, particularly in getting diesels to conform to more stringent standards that are higher than Euro4. It also didn't help that one of the leading companies in the world that championed advanced “clean” diesels is facing problems with defeat devices.

Despite that, there is still a chance for diesels in the future, particularly if you get two of the world's leading authorities on diesel engine technology to team up and make it happen.

Isuzu x Cummins

Japanese automaker Isuzu and American diesel specialist Cummins, have just signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to evaluate how they can work together for the future of diesel engines. 

In a press release, Isuzu cited that the industry is looking at “a once-in-a-century innovation” given the huge diversity in automotive engine types, including electrification in more developed markets. Isuzu wants to stay abreast of these trends, and will work on more environmentally-friendly, next generation diesel engines. 

Isuzu shares these challenges with Cummins, and have thus agreed to explore opportunities to work together for power sources for vehicles. Both companies believe that by combining both their technical strengths and know-how in the global market, the collaboration could enhance their competitiveness by improving the engineering efficiency of future power-sources for mutual growth.