Isuzu Elf gets wide angle camera from Hitachi Astemo

Nowadays, most of the newest cars in the market come standard with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS to minimize and prevent road accidents and increase pedestrian safety. But soon, we could see the wide use of ADAS on commercial vehicles.

Isuzu Motors Limited has equipped the Elf light truck with Hitachi Astemo's sensing system to prevent front-end collisions as well as in left and right intersections.

The Isuzu Elf is the first light-duty truck in Japan to be equipped with collision mitigation braking (CMB) as part of Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in promoting the mandatory installation of CMB not just for passenger cars, but also in commercial vehicles such as trucks.

Isuzu equips Elf light truck with collision mitigation braking image

The sensing system utilizes a 120-degree wide-angle stereo camera that's combined with a millimeter-wave radar to enable CMB at intersections and single-track roads. It works in a similar function to that of autonomous emergency braking where it provides automatic braking based on sensor data to help drivers avoid crashes.

Hitachi Astemo and Isuzu have been working together to develop the CMB for trucks. With Isuzu having extensive knowledge of commercial vehicles, Hitachi Astemo took into account truck-specific use cases, along with the right specifications needed to achieve collision mitigation braking.

Of note, Isuzu has already rolled out N-series trucks with ADAS features such as AEB, Lane Departure Warning, and Auto High Beam in the Australian market since 2021.

Currently, Isuzu Philippines is yet to introduce the Elf with collision mitigation braking. But the point is that commercial trucks have the possibility to get ADAS as standard, and that is something we'd really like to see going forward.